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7th April - Horsemen in No-Man's Land: British Cavalry and Trench Warfare 1914-1918
12th May - The Platoon: An Infantryman on the Western Front, 1916 to 1918
13th May - Conducted driving tour of sites associated with the film , "The Platoon"
9th June - Gommecourt
30th June - Somme Success: the Royal Flying Corps and the Battle of the Somme , 1916
30th June - SPECIAL: Walking tour of sites associated with the film , "The Somme"
30th June - Evening showing of "The Somme 1916"
1st July - SPECIAL: Ceremony in the Sunken Lane, Beaumont Hamel
1st July - SPECIAL: Conducted driving tour of sites associated with "The Somme"
15th September - Talbot House - A Home From Home
10th November - Two Battles of Beaumont Hamel, 1916

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